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 Can I use the MnPASS Express Lanes without my transponder, if I have my child in the vehicle with me?
 Yes, the definition of "car pool," according to the Minnesota Statutes 2005, Chapter 169, Subdivision 65, is a "prearranged ride-sharing arrangement in which two or more persons travel together on a regular basis in an automobile, especially to and from t
 What are the hours of toll operation of the MnPASS Express Lanes on I-394?
 Reversible lanes east of Hwy 100 to downtown Minneapolis: Eastbound: In operation from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Closed 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. for directional change. Westbound: In operation from 2 p.m. to 5 a.m. Closed 5 a.m. - 6 a.m. for directional change. On wee
 Can I use the ramp meter bypass lanes as a MnPASS account holder?
 No. Ramp meter bypass lanes are restricted to carpools, transit vehicles, and motorcycles. They are not part of the MnPASS system. If caught using these bypass ramps as a solo driver, you will be subject to a fine.
 How do I install my MnPASS clip and transponder correctly?
 1. Remove the mounting clip. Peel the white covering off the back of the clip, exposing the adhesive strip. 2. Position the clip with the large, curved end up and the two smaller prongs at the bottom. Place the clip on the windshield behind and to the
 When, and why, are higher tolls charged?
 The purpose of the MnPASS Express Lanes is to get people to and from their destinations faster, and a fee is charged for this service. When the MnPASS Express Lanes become too congested - meaning traffic is moving below 50 mph - the toll to enter the MnPA
 What are the tolling hours of the 35W MnPASS lanes?
 The tolled hours of the lane will depend on the section of the road. Northbound from Crystal Lake Road to Highway 62 is tolled from 6am to 10am. Northbound from Highway 62 to downtown is tolled from 6am to 10am and 3pm to 7p
 Do transit users and carpoolers have to pay to use the MnPASS Express Lanes?
 No. Transit riders and carpoolers can use MnPASS Express Lanes FREE of charge. If you are a regular carpooler, you do not need to sign up with MnPASS to ride in the lane. You may do so whenever you have two or more separate living human beings in the same
 How much will it cost to use MnPASS?
 The average peak period fee varies between $1.00 and $4.00 depending on the level of congestion in the MnPASS Express Lanes, and $8.00 is the maximum toll that is charged at this time. This ensures that traffic in the MnPASS Express Lanes continues to flo
 Can I use my EZ-Pass or I-PASS when traveling the MnPASS lanes?
 No - at this time MnPASS does not have interoperable agreements with other toll roads.
 How does the MnPASS System work?
 MnPASS Express Lanes are easy to use. The MnPASS Express Lanes are separated from regular lanes by double white lines. It’s illegal to cross these lines. Overhead signs alert you to the entry and exit points. You may only enter and exit MnPASS lanes a
 What if I only want to use the express lanes occasionally?
 No problem. Use the express lanes as much as you want. You can choose whether to pay on a trip-by-trip basis, and most MnPASS drivers do use the express lanes occasionally. The only regular fee you are charged is the monthly $1.50 leasing fee for your tra
 Can I ever be tolled by accident if I drive next to the MnPASS Lane?
 The MnPASS System is exceptionally specific regarding which customers are driving in the MnPASS lane and which customers have chosen to take the main road. The key to this specification lies in two components: the transponder in a customer's vehicle and t
 Which Toll Do I Pay?
 The price of your toll will be posted on the sign outside of each entrance to the MnPASS lane. Tolls are listed by destination--if you exit anywhere before or at the first listed destination, you will pay only that first price for your trip. If you contin
 What is a Managed Road?
 In an effort to improve safety, ease congestion and maintain consistent speeds, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is introducing a new concept to Minnesota drivers. This concept, called a “managed road”, will provide drivers with more informatio
 How does the prepaid account work?
 Your MnPASS account works like a debit account. The minimum prepaid amount is $40.00. This amount creates your account balance, from which all of your tolls will be drawn. There is also a monthly leasing fee of $1.50 per transponder, which is also drawn
 What are Price Dynamic Shoulder Lanes?
 A Price Dynamic Shoulder Lane (PDSL) is equipped to operate as a MnPASS Express Lane during peak periods to maximize capacity on existing roadways. On I-35W between 42nd Street and downtown, transit vehicles, carpools and MnPASS customers will be able
 How do I open a prepaid MnPASS account?
 It’s easy. You can open a prepaid MnPASS account with a credit card or debit card. There are three ways to open an account: • Go online at www.mnpass.net. • Call 1-866-EZ-RIDE4 (1-866-397-4334). • Visit the MnPASS Customer Service Center at the MnDOT b
 What are the MnPASS Express Lanes?
 The MnPASS Express Lanes are high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane or carpool lanes that have been converted to “high-occupancy toll” lanes. With express lanes, solo drivers have the option of paying a user fee to gain access to the lanes. MnPASS Express
 What will tolls cost?
 Tolls in the MnPASS lane are determined by traffic density in the lane. The more traffic present in the lane at the time of your entry, the higher the toll price will be. This dynamic pricing is meant to help control traffic flow in the lane. As traffic b
 Where does revenue collected from the tolls and fees MnPASS users pay go?
 The fees will pay for operation of the MnPASS Express Lanes. Excess revenues will be used to improve transit and other transportation needs.
 What is Congestion Pricing?
 Congestion Pricing is the method used to ensure free-flow traffic in the MnPASS lanes. As traffic in the MnPASS lanes increase, the price is driven up to discourage too many people from entering the lane. As congestion goes down, so does the price. The pr
 What does "$ AT 42ND" and "$ AT 76TH" mean?
 When you are traveling northbound on I-35W, and you see a sign that reads, "$ AT 42ND," it means that there may be a toll price listed at the beginning of the Priced Dynamic Shoulder Lane (PDSL), which begins at the 42nd St. overpass. This sign is meant t
 Do solo drivers have to pay?
 It’s your choice. The MnPASS Express Lanes offer solo drivers a new commute option: Pay to use the carpool lanes to get a fast, reliable trip or remain in the general-purpose lanes. Unlike traditional toll roads, drivers can choose on a trip-by-trip basis
 I am a solo driver. What do I need to do to try MnPASS?
 Solo drivers who opt to pay a fee can enjoy a new “express” service as they travel the MnPASS Express Lanes. Here’s how it works: 1. Open a prepaid MnPASS account with a credit card or debit card. 2. Install a small MnPASS transponder on the inside of
 Can I use the MnPASS Express Lanes for free if I drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle?
 No. At this time, individuals with hybrid or electric vehicles must comply with the same rules as all other single occupant vehicles traveling in the MnPASS Express Lanes.
 I have more than one vehicle. Do I need more than one MnPASS transponder?
 It’s your choice. You can obtain more than one transponder and tie all of them to a single account. This is convenient for busy families and commercial operators with multiple vehicles. You may also transfer a single MnPASS transponder between multipl
 How do Express Lanes differ from toll roads?
 Unlike traditional toll roads such as those in Chicago and New Jersey, there is no need to stop at a tollbooth to drop coins. With Express Lanes, there is no need to have cash or coins on hand. Instead, the MnPASS electronic toll-collection system collect
 What is the size limit for vehicles that can use the MnPASS express lanes?
 Two-axle trucks weighing less than 26,000 pounds can sign up for a MnPASS account and use the express lanes.
 Does the toll you pay on 394 carry over to 35W, or vice versa?
 No; 394 and 35W operate independently from each other. You pay the tolls for each section of the road that you drive on 394 and 35W. However, both lanes’ tolls will draw from the same account balance. You do not need a different account for each lane.
 How do we determine the price?
 First off – we need to know why we are pricing before we can determine how we price. The purpose of allowing cars with single occupants into the HOV lanes is to make better use of the lane. It offers additional capacity that by allowing these SOV’s (
 Can I use a checking/debit card instead of a credit card on my MnPASS account?
 Yes, you may use a checking or debit card for replenishment of your MnPASS account, provided that the card is endorsed by one of the four major credit card companies: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. The logo of the credit card company wi
 How do MnPASS Express Lanes affect traffic in regular lanes?
 By allowing additional traffic onto underused HOV lanes, congestion in the general lanes is relieved. For example, the I-394 MnPASS Express Lanes remove an average of 3,000 cars a day from the general-purpose lanes.
 What do the arrows mean on the signs across I-35W?
 The signs displayed across the entirety of the I-35W lanes are meant to inform drivers of impending traffic concerns. Each sign will display a symbol above each lane of the highway. These symbols will tell you what, if any, traffic conditions exist ahead
 What constitutes a carpool?
 The definition of "car pool," according to the Minnesota Statutes 2005, Chapter 169, Subdivision 65, is a "prearranged ride-sharing arrangement in which two or more persons travel together on a regular basis in an automobile, especially to and from their
 I have a MnPASS account for 394. Can I use the 35W MnPASS Express Lanes?
 Yes. Any MnPASS transponder will work for the Express Lanes on 394 and 35W, regardless of when it was activated. Tolls for either Express Lane will be drawn from the same account balance. Simply get in and go!
 What is MnPASS?
 MnPASS is a Minnesota Department of Transportation program - a way to move traffic in metropolitan areas and make better use of existing roadways. MnPASS also gives solo drivers a commuting choice - an "express" service that will save them time.
 Why aren't your prices on your website?
 While it would be a nice feature to display the MnPASS prices on our website, it is impractical to list the rates because of their dynamic feature. The rates are updated every three minutes – sometimes changing, sometimes remaining the same. Looking at th
 How can I transfer my MnPASS into a new vehicle?
 The MnPASS transponder can be used in any vehicle that has a mounting clip. If you wish to use your transponder in a new vehicle, you will need to place a mounting clip on the interior of the new vehicle's windshield. Removing the mounting clip from an
 How Much Will MnPASS Cost to Open?
 You will open your MnPASS account with a charge of $40 per transponder. This amount becomes your prepaid account balance, from which all of your tolls and your $1.50 per transponder monthly leasing fees will be deducted. Your credit card remains on-fil
 Why don't we open the HOV lane to all traffic without restrictions?
 Regardless of the relative merits of such an approach, the federal government opposes that approach and would impose multimillion-dollar penalties on Minnesota if it took that step. No federal penalties are associated with the use of express lanes.
 When solo drivers are allowed to enter MnPASS Express Lanes, don't those lanes become congested?
 No. Studies show that congestion in MnPASS Express Lanes can be managed through something as simple as supply and demand. When congestion increases, the price goes up; when congestion decreases, the price decreases. Requiring solo drivers to pay a fee ens
 Will my MnPASS account expire?
 No. Your MnPASS account remains active for as long as you have your transponder. Your prepaid account balance will remain in your account until it is used to either pay your tolls or your monthly $1.50 transponder leasing fee. MnPASS keeps your account ba
 What are the terms and conditions of MnPASS promotions?
 MnPASS Promotions are subject to the following terms and conditions: -To be eligible, you must be a new MnPASS customer OR your previous MnPASS account must have been closed for a period of at least six months prior to the promotion in question. -You
 What types of mass transit are allowed in the MnPASS lanes free of charge?
 Any type of bus is allowed to drive in the MnPASS Express Lanes free of charge. This includes (but is not limited to) Metro Transit, school, city, and church buses.
 Do the MnPASS Express Lanes really work?
 Research on MnPASS Express Lanes and other projects very similar to the MnPASS shows that express lanes effectively manage traffic, encourage transit use, are supported by consumers, fund transit and freeway improvements and give drivers more options. The
 What should I do if I buy a new vehicle?
 When you acquire a new vehicle, you are free to use your MnPASS transponder in that vehicle as soon as you place a mounting clip on the interior of its windshield. Your transponder will work as long as it is mounted in a clip on the windshield, even if th
 How are transit users and carpoolers affected?
 Transit users and carpoolers benefit. First, transit users and carpoolers can use the lanes FREE of charge. Requiring solo drivers to pay a fee ensures bus riders and carpoolers continue to travel in the express lanes at regular highway speeds. Moreov
 What do people who actually use MnPASS Express Lanes think about them?
 After the I-394 express lanes opened, a survey of MnPASS subscribers found exceptionally high levels of satisfaction (90 percent or better) with many aspects of the system.
 Do the MnPASS Express Lanes benefit all income levels?
 Yes. Recent research indicates drivers of all income levels are equally likely to use the Express Lanes. Surveys also reveal that people of all income levels support the idea.
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